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11th Jul, 2022

Our vision for the future

We have today announced the launch of a new brand identity, to sit alongside our refreshed strategy and updated vision for our future. 

Since 1993, we have been at the heart of the fight against discrimination in football, leading the charge for positive change.

The hate, abuse and inequality in sport persists, and as long as discrimination exists, so will we. 

Our refreshed brand brings with it a refreshed vision:

  • To support words with action, providing long-term solutions and tangible acts
  • To challenge ignorance and inequality, providing a voice for any individual or organisation
  • To educate, inform and direct our audience, giving them the tools for change
  • To mobilise and empower our allies so that our message becomes theirs
  • To confront all issues, from the dressing-room to the boardroom

And you can read more about how we'll do that in our new strategy.

Our new visual identity is focused on being bold and energetic - Tony Burnett, CEO

Our new logo is inspired by the shape of a football, the sport we are most associated with. But it also references a club badge design, which is important because we want supporters to wear the Kick It Out logo with pride and engage other sports in our mission.

The logo is deliberately hand-crafted to bring across attitude and energy, as well as a sense of our grassroots beginnings.

The ‘IT’ is at the heart of the logo, representing everything Kick It Out stands against, which is all forms of discrimination.

We hope that one day football and other sports will no longer need us. But until then, we're here to put an end to every form of discrimination.