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Involved in a grassroots league? Determined to get discrimination out of our game? Then our Kick It Out Equality Charter is for you. 

Sign up to our Equality Charter and you’ll join leagues up and down the country that are shooting for a more equal future. It’s the perfect way to let every club and player in your league know there’s no place for discrimination – on any pitch or any touchline. 

Why sign our Equality Charter? 

We’re here for actions, not words, and signing up to the Kick It Out Equality Charter is the most powerful thing you can do to tackle discrimination in your league. We’ll support you with ideas and advice to keep improving, and you can get discounts on Kick it Out kit and merch too. 

What’s involved?

It’s simple. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and a member of the team will get back to you. They will explain the steps you need to take as a league – things like appointing an equality lead and making sure all clubs are kept informed on issues about equality, inclusion and diversity.

Once you’ve confirmed your plans and signed our charter, we’ll let you know if you’ve successfully become a chartered league. If you have, it’s time to shout about it loud and proud on your website and social media. 

As a Grassroots Equality Chartered league, you’ll get: 

  • Expert advice from our grassroots team, including info on how to develop your league to support diversity and inclusion 
  • The chance to arrange an equality workshop for league officials
  • Support for anyone who experiences discrimination, plus help following up with authorities
  • Discounted Kick It Out kit and merch
  • Kick It Out logos, graphics and adverts to use online and in your programmes.

Sign up today!

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