In addition to the Online Reporting Form, Kick It Out has a number of methods by which you can report incidents of discrimination in football - whether it's involving a grassroots, non-league or professional game, as well as online abuse.

Visit the Other Reporting Methods page to find out how you can report discrimination, including by downloading the Kick It Out app.

Below, you can discover what happens once you report an incident of discrimination in grassroots football.

Handling Your Report

When Kick It Out receives a report of discriminatory behaviour which has taken place at grassroots level, a clear process is undertaken to proceed forward with the complaint.


Your complaint is received and details recorded on an incident form. Kick It Out talks you through the process, timelines and the outcomes that you can realistically expect.


A copy of your report will be sent to The FA, who will refer your complaint to the relevant body for investigation. If your complaint to Kick It Out includes an appeal against a County FA decision, you should observe the deadlines for appeal set out by The FA/County FA. A copy of this report will also be sent to The FA for monitoring purposes.


The complaint will be sent on by The FA to the relevant County FA for investigation/response. If the County FA does not respond, Kick It Out will send a reminder for you.


The FA or County FA will keep you updated of any developments being made. Where appropriate, charges will be raised upon completion of a thorough investigation.


If you are unsatisfied with the way the complaint has been dealt with, Kick It Out will assist you to refer your complaint to the Independent Football Ombudsman.