The first stint of the Kick It Out’s Raise Your Game Eurosport work experience placement is underway. This extraordinary experience gives people looking for a career in sports media the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with a leading sports content provider.

Raise Your Game’s Coordinator Crystal Davis caught up with RYG delegate and Sports Media Creative, Ola Fisayo, to find out how his placement went.

C.D. How was the placement? And how many days did you do?

O.F “I think I did an extra day. It was Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was a really good placement, unfortunately I got a little bit ill half way through. For me personally I felt like my production level wasn’t were I wanted it to be, but I am fairly happy with myself.

“While I was there I wrote a couple stories, which was mad, I got a byline.”

C.D. Really? Is it on the Eurosport website?

O.F “Yeah (smiles), it’s on the app as well. They set up a way to add social handles, I don’t know how long it will last, but I thought cool, I might as well add my social handle and try and get as much attraction as possible.”

C.D. Did they give you access to their social?

O.F. “No, they have a different system to post on their socials, so in the story taglines where it says written by whoever you can add your name and then your social tag.”

C.D. So whatever you posted was linked to your social media then, right?

O.F. “Yeah. So, I wrote a couple stories, I did a couple video pieces which was cool. I looked at their socials to analyse what I could do, I looked at different ways of addressing things. I think they are doing an alright job at the moment considering their social media plans and their aims and how they want to position themselves. They are doing really well, they don’t really want to saturate the timeline, but at the same time they are looking at other competitors, so it’s a tricky balance. Their main aim is to get people to go their media player.”  

C.D. What were the stories about?  Because I saw you were at Arsenal...

O.F. “I did a story on Mesut Ozil. I also did an opinion piece on Ozil for Germany Eurosport. So I mentioned that he’s sick, but he doesn’t get game time. Then we did a pre-match thing for the Europa League. I think I also done a Champions League piece. I also done a video on who to watch out for the World Championships.”

C.D. Is the media player on the app?

O.F. Yeah. So they've got a separate app for the media player and they've got like broadcast channels and that type of thing. And they like to drive traffic towards that.”

C.D. What was it like working with Eurosport’s Tom and Marcus?

O.F. Yo (gets excited) Tom was like mad busy (laughs) like ridiculously busy for that week, which was a little bit unfortunate, but they were very patient with me, which was cool. Marcus was a saint, like legit, he is the best. He’s also tough at football.”

C.D. Is he? what position does he play in?

O.F. “Forward. I played my first game in like four months and it was sick!”

C.D. Did he wear his Tottenham shirt?

O.F. “(Laughs) no he didn’t.”

While on placement Ola was also given the chance to present in front of the camera for a pre-recorded feature, which was published on Eurosport's platforms. You can read some of his stories from the placement here.