Kick It Out notes the outcome of the investigation into the complaint of racism made by Rhian Brewster during the FIFA Under-17s World Cup Final between England and Spain.

In response to the outcome, Lord Herman Ouseley, Chair of Kick It Out, said:

“The outcome delivered by FIFA is unsatisfactory.

“It leaves questions unanswered such as how much more evidence is required than two people separately hearing and corroborating the alleged abuse, in order to be acceptable as sufficient? Are they not believed as honest because of who they are? Who are the investigators and who makes such ridiculous decisions?

“Are any of these people from BAME backgrounds? Are any of these people competent with the personal experience of having suffered from racial abuse and discrimination?

“Recent decisions like this, and others recently by UEFA, only give encouragement to those players, and fans, who want to racially abuse and act in discriminatory ways to continue and to do so without punishment!

“There are issues within this situation that must be resolved and we urge The Football Association to follow this up with FIFA and UEFA, as the current handling of discriminatory cases about the alleged treatment of young Black players representing their country and clubs is nothing short of a disgrace. The clubs themselves must also join with The FA to tell FIFA and UEFA about the consequences of this not being resolved satisfactorily as a matter of urgency.

“With this outcome, there has to be little confidence that FIFA can effectively deal with any potential incidents of racism and discrimination that may occur during this summer’s World Cup and that is not a prospect to fill any with the confidence about what is in store in Russia this summer.

“It will be interesting to see the outcome of the latest FIFA charge of racism involving Russia and the alleged racist abuse of Black French players"