The inaugural Kick It Out Generation debate is coming to BoxPark Wembley.

The event, delivered in partnership with BoxPark and UCFB, will see participants in our education, mentoring and leadership programmes - Game Changers, ASPIRE, and Next 25 - discuss the challenges facing young, diverse people entering the football industry.

It takes place on Monday 18 November from 6 until 8pm and is free to attend. Tickets can be reserved here.

Two panels will take place on the night, featuring short talks about the industry and pathways to success from Osei Sankofa (Kick It Out's Education Officer and former profession footballer), Troy Townsend (Head of Development, Kick It Out), Anielka Pieniazek (UCFB Scholarships and Bursaries Manager) and Mie Oestergaard (Equality and Diversity Planner, Sky Sports News).

Education, mentoring and leadership programmes are a cornerstone of Kick It Out’s proactive approach to diversifying the football industry and creating a more equal game. Our key programmes in this area are:

Game Changers – delivered in association with the UEFA Foundation and supported by the Premier League and UCFB, Game Changers gives 12 young professionals guidance and mentoring as they start their careers in football.

Next 25 – delivered in partnership with UCFB, providing 25 undergraduate and postgraduate students from diverse backgrounds with high potential full scholarships for degrees in football-related subjects.

ASPIRE – Kick It Out’s youth advisory board, responsible for giving a youth perspective on the charity’s initiatives and improving insight into engaging with young people.

Raise Your Game – our unique mentoring and leadership programme, supported by the Premier League, which hosts events offering opportunities for people who aspire to work in football.

Everyone who wants football to be more inclusive is part of the #KickItOutGeneration. If you love the game, but don’t like the hatred that sometimes goes with it, then you are one of us.

For more information about the event please email [email protected]