Kick It Out is pleased to announce its support for Women in Football’s pioneering #WhatIf campaign, with four different pledges to help improve the experience of women and girls in the sport.

Women in Football are a network of professional women working in and around the football industry who support and champion their peers.

While they recognise the significant progress made in women’s participation in football the group know there is more to do and have launched the #WhatIf campaign to drive forward that progress.

The campaign aims to encourage people to identify one way they could take action, however big or small, to contribute to an improvement for women and girls within the football industry.

Kick It Out’s pledges in support of #WhatIf are:

1. #WhatIf we supported 5 more grassroots events for women or girls via the Grassroots Activity Fund

2. #WhatIf we supported 5 more #FansForDiversity events for women or girls.

3. #WhatIf we guaranteed 3 work placements for women that attend next year’s National Raise Your Game

4. #WhatIf we supported the top 22 women’s clubs with campaigning activities during the 2018/19 season

Keeley Baptista, Kick It Out’s Programmes Manager, said: “We are excited to be getting behind such an important campaign to support women and girl’s participation in football.

“We share Women in Football’s vision of a sport free from discrimination, with equality of opportunity for the millions of women and girls who are passionate about football - whether as a spectator, player or employee in the game."

She added: “The #WhatIf campaign offers a vital platform for everyone in football to take practical steps to achieving gender equality and we hope as many clubs, organisations and individuals across the industry get involved.”

Ebru Köksal, Women in Football Chair, said: "Like Women in Football, Kick It Out prides itself on challenging discrimination and inequality, so we are delighted to have their support for our inaugural #WhatIf campaign.

"The pledges they have made are insightful and offer practical opportunities for girls and women in football.

She added: "We very much look forward to working together with Kick It Out on these pledges so we can continue to change the footballing world."