Following last week's meeting with Twitter to discuss football-related discrimination on their platform, Kick It Out have released a statement.

The statement reads: “Kick It Out met with Twitter last week to discuss a number of continuing issues on their platform, relating to football – including abuse of professional players, the wider scale of online abuse, reporting procedures and legal enforcement of online hate crime.

 “Online discrimination will not be resolved overnight, but we have collectively agreed on the following actions as a first step to ensure the issue is tackled effectively:

  • We will hold a meeting with the UK Football Policing Unit and the Crown Prosecution Service to discuss how we can best develop a collaborative, efficient approach to identifying and punishing anyone who posts discriminatory abuse on Twitter.
  • We are inviting the football authorities – including The Football Association, the Professional Footballers’ Association, the Premier League and the English Football League – to meet Twitter alongside Kick It Out and to agree a collective action plan of what will be done to tackle online discrimination effectively.
  • Twitter have agreed to use their platform and resources to support our specific campaigning work around football-related online discrimination.

 “Kick It Out will continue to take a lead in bringing the football authorities and the legal system together to tackle online abuse. But what the public need most is Twitter to show decisive leadership and deliver concrete action for change – we expect to see that in the weeks and months ahead.”