Following The Football Association's decision to ban Peter Beardsley for eight months after being found guilty of three counts of racist abuse, Kick It Out have released a statement.

The statement reads: “The racist comments and innuendoes made by Peter Beardsley were appalling and he is rightly facing an appropriate 8-month ban, as well as mandatory education.

“Beardsley’s career in football has no relevance to this case - calling black players monkeys, comparing black players to apes and questioning their true age are all horrific racial stereotypes and regardless of their reputation. Punishment and education is the only way to deal with these matters.

“Now Beardsley has been found guilty, we once again reiterate our call that Newcastle United should publish the result of their own investigation, and clarify whether he was sacked for racist abuse.  This inaction dilutes the club’s message and brand of #UnitedAsOne.

“We offer our full support to the players who were the target of this horrendous abuse and hope they are now able to have some closure on what must have been a deeply stressful, traumatic period in their short careers to date.

 “No one should fear victimisation within the work environment and we will continue to provide the appropriate support to anyone that has suffered or may be going through similar treatment."