Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA), a leading forensic accounting, data governance, technology solutions and forensics consulting firm today announced it has entered into an agreement to provide pro bono services to Kick It Out.

FRA and Kick it Out have teamed up to develop and harness data-led strategies in leading the fight against racism and discrimination in football and its educational and community sectors.

FRA’s expertise in data analytics, information technology and data management will enable Kick It Out to build better insight and transparency into the organization’s own operations as well as reported incidents of racism and discrimination not just at football matches, but in the wider industry and online.  FRA’s know-how in extracting, understanding and systematically analyzing disparate sets of data can be applied to help Kick It Out in its mission, by working together to implement customized solutions and chart a roadmap for using data to advocate for equality and inclusion in football and society in general.

FRA will provide a dedicated team from the firm’s leading forensic accounting and data analytics practice to advise Kick It Out on a pro bono basis. The partnership will kick off this December with FRA looking at how Kick it Out can improve its insight from data on incidents of racism and discrimination.

Toby Duthie, Founding Partner of FRA and Head of UK and European Offices, commented: “FRA is committed to championing diversity and inclusion in our communities. Racial justice and equality in particular form a core motivation behind our firm’s social responsibility activities.  This partnership with Kick it Out is hugely rewarding for FRA and we are delighted to support its vital mission.  Having the opportunity to apply our technical and data-driven expertise to achieve such goals in a sport that is so pivotal to so many gives us enormous pleasure.”

Sanjay Bhandari, Kick It Out Chair, commented: “Part of the role of Kick It Out is to hold football to account on its promises to tackle discrimination and promote inclusion. As part of our new strategy, we want to focus on data and analytics to monitor football’s progress. We aim to create a range of regular transparency reports to hold a mirror up to the game from issues around the efficiency of complaints handling, through to measuring progress against recruitment targets. Our partnership with Forensic Risk Alliance is a key part of this journey to build our analytics and technology capabilities.”