The Fans For Diversity campaign will help support Leyton Orient Trust with its work alongside Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia Action Alliance on Mental Health Awareness Day at Leyton Orient Football Club.

Taking place on Saturday 21 October, at Orient’s home game against Macclesfield Town, the club will be raising awareness on a number of issues surrounding mental health and dementia with the support of Alzheimer's Society and Dementia Action Alliance.

Before the match, Leyton Orient stewards will take part in a Dementia Friends information session in the Fans For Diversity Hub. This interactive session will help staff to understand more about dementia and think about the small things that they can do to make a difference to people affected by dementia in the community and at the stadium.

Leyton Orient Trust is providing free tickets to the match for those living with dementia and their carer. These guests will also have the opportunity to use the Hub before, during and after the match. The Hub has been created by Fans for Diversity and Leyton Orient, with support from First Class First Management, to provide a supportive match day experience for fans from all areas of the community to access and enjoy watching Leyton Orient.

Anwar Uddin, lead on the Fans For Diversity campaign, said: “We’re pleased to be supporting the Mental Health Awareness Day at Leyton Orient, through the use of the Fans For Diversity Hub.

“The fantastic thing about the Hub is that it provides the opportunity for community groups, from across the four boroughs that Leyton Orient Trust operate in, to experience and enjoy professional football in a safe and comfortable environment.

“It’s great that we can also partner with Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Action Alliance, and we hope it is an insightful and enjoyable day for all involved.”

Phillip Smith, Head of Health and Wellbeing, Leyton Orient Trust, said: “Following on from the success of the Mental Health Awareness Day last year, we were keen to promote and raise awareness again.

"We’re proud to be supporting those who experience mental health problems it is a very important part of our work here at the Trust.

"Alongside the range of programmes we are delivering on a weekly basis across East London, we hope that the free tickets to the Orient match will be a good opportunity for those living with Dementia to enjoy a day out with their family, friends or carer.”

Fiona Cronin, Chair of Waltham Forest Dementia Action Alliance, said: “Leyton Orient Trust have been a key player in the Waltham Forest Dementia Action Alliance. The DAA is a group of local businesses and community groups working together to make our borough a welcoming and accessible place for people with dementia and their carers.

“Leyton Orient Trust is working tirelessly to support people affected by dementia in our borough. They have a fantastic sporting memories initiative and host health awareness matches too. Leyton Orient really is an excellent example of how football clubs can be at the heart of their communities, bringing people together for a good cause.”