Using West Bromwich Albion's rich history of diversity and showcasing the incredible story of 'The Three Degrees', the Our Albion programme is celebrating its first birthday of teaching children about identity.

The aim of Our Albion is to educate children from an array of backgrounds, many of whom have recently moved to England, about British values, their identity and the identity of others in order to help them to integrate into a mainstream or secondary school.

One third of 'The Three Degrees', Brendon Batson, has been an advocate of the programme and says it is nice to know that his experiences could potentially help the children in the future.

"If you know your history, then I think you can try and shape your future," he said.

"So I know that the things that they are trying to teach them here are centred around the experiences of Laurie, Cyrille and myself.

"It makes you realise that the experiences that we have been through can maybe help these young kids in the future.

Josh Wright, a Go Play Coordinator at the Foundation, has enjoyed offering the children the chance to partake in physical activity.

"Without us they wouldn't have any PE provision," he said.

"We come in every week and give them that opportunity."

In its first year the project has overachieved, according to the Foundation's Katie Grainger.

"By the end of the year, we will have engaged with around 750 children so we have smashed our target which is brilliant.

"When you take into consideration how many families we have engaged with, then we are looking at engaging with thousands of people."

Ryan Mutebfa, a participant, said that the programme has inspired him to not worry about other people's prejudices.

"I don't care about what anyone says, I can be anything I want to be, or anyone.

"I really like it here, so I want to be playing football in the future."

To find out more about the charity's diversity work, please email the Foundation's Engagement Officer Gurdial Singh, at [email protected].

Originally published on West Bromwich Albion's website here.