Kick It Out has teamed up with the UEFA Foundation for Children to launch 'Game Changers' - a new mentoring programme for 12 young adults, aged between 16-24, seeking professional opportunities in the football industry.


The aim of the programme is to identify and create the future leaders of football, inspiring them to bring positive change to the sport with regards to equality, inclusion and cohesion, and in turn help to address the underrepresentation of minority groups across the industry.

The programme is supported by UCFB and the Premier League, who provide bespoke training sessions to the chosen candidates on the core learning themes of empowerment, leadership, football governance and project planning alongside enhancing their knowledge of equality and inclusion.

Candidates also receive access to Kick It Out’s Raise Your Game mentoring and leadership series, supported by the Premier League, which sees a number of events organised during the year that focus on supporting career pathways into football.

Our Game Changers

Francis Osinloye

Ceylon Hickman

Natasha Buckland

Sophie Cowell

Karan Rai

James Coulbeck

Sonali Gupta

Oli Moore

Louie Silvani

Tosin Gbaja

Roya Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy

Ammarah Pandor


The first session, which took place in July, was supported by a series of Premier League staff and guest speakers. You can read about it here (LINK TO STORY).

The next Game Changer seminar involved XXXXXXXXXXX

Game Changer Testimonials

Ceylon Hickman: “The first Game Changers seminar really set the tone for what’s to come over the next eleven months. We were so privileged to receive a huge amount of wisdom from industry experts who gave up their time to inspire and support us.

 “Not only did we learn a lot about education, leadership and management, but I had some incredible conversations with senior managers at the Premier League who gave me important advice that’s supported me with my next steps championing inclusion, diversity and equality within the football industry. 

Francis Osinloye: “I certainly enjoyed my time – the opportunity to learn from great leaders such as Sir Paul Grant and many alike was just phenomenal. I look forward to similar settings where we can come together, learn and come up with strategies to drive change in our society.”

For any further information about the Game Changers programme, please contact Osei Sankofa, Education Officer at Kick It Out, to [email protected]