The aim of the Professional Game Guidance Group is to guide and support Kick It Out’s strategies, objectives and actions in relation to the professional game.

The main responsibilities of the group are to advise on equality matters focusing on professional clubs and Kick It Out’s Equality Standard framework, including:

1. Ensuring that the Kick It Out brand and messages are clear about what the organisation does and what it offers, guaranteeing clubs are aware of how it helps tackle racism and discrimination.

2. Embedding Football’s Equality Standard and Code of Practice; proactively engaging with clubs to assist them to achieve either a level of the Standard or the Code; communicating the flow/pathway between the two; sharing good practice and celebrating successes.

3. Developing and delivering new and innovative ideas to tackle discrimination and promote equality.

4. Co-ordinating all campaigns seeking to engage with professional clubs that tackle discrimination and promote equality; providing an annual calendar of campaigns; communicating the significance and relevance of each campaign and facilitating clubs to select from a ‘menu’ of opportunities that meets their local needs.


Chris Gibbons – Independent Equality and Inclusion Consultant


Siobhan Atkinson – Leicester City Community Trust, Acting Director

Martino Chevannes – QPR Community Trust and QPR Ladies, Manager

Ruth Hopkins – Level Playing Field, Head of Access and Development

Kevin Miles – Football Supporters' Association, Chief Executive

Sue O’Brien – The National League Trust, Chief Executive

Dave Palmer – Professional Footballers’ Association, Community Liaison Executive

Steven Riley – Safety Risk and Resilience Ltd, Director

Sarah Stephen – League Football Education, Chief Executive